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Low-pressure washing in Austin is an excellent alternative to power washing, which can be damaging to some surfaces and finishes. Low-pressure washing is particularly ideal for surfaces that need special care. To learn more about how low-pressure washing works and areas that should be treated with a low-pressure cleaner, read on.

A number of indoor and outdoor surfaces cannot handle the high pressures of traditional power washing. For example, many older homes and buildings have aging wood, paint, and other surfaces that benefit from a low-pressure washing service rather than a power washing. Low-pressure steam is effective at penetrating small cracks and openings without leaving behind moisture, which makes it effective at killing mold spores. Grout, vinyl, and tile are also best cleaned with low-pressure power washer, because it completely removes stains and dirt while being gentle enough for indoor use. Many types of wood, stone, and masonry can be damaged by high-pressure washing, and should be cleaned with a low-pressure steam cleaner instead.