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Over time, the outside of all buildings, whether they are commercial spaces or private residences, will become dirty. The best way to give the outside of any structure a deep, thorough cleaning is with a pressure washer. This green cleaning method can easily strip away dirt and debris, leaving your home or office building looking as good as new. Because a pressure washer is a powerful piece of industrial equipment, you should hire professional pressure washer services near Austin rather than trying to do the job yourself. When selecting a contractor for pressure washing services, consider:

How Large Is Your Property?
If you have a small house, one professional pressure washing expert with one pressure washer should be able to easily clean the entire exterior by himself. For larger houses, apartment complexes, and office plazas, the job will go faster if you hire a company that has crews with two or more workers who can work on different parts of the building and property simultaneously. A professional company should be able to provide you with a time and cost estimate within 24 hours.

What Type of Landscaping Do You Have?
The most basic form of pressure washing simply involves spraying all surfaces to be cleaned with a high-pressure stream of water. However, for some jobs the contractors will need to add cleaning products to dissolve more stubborn dirt stains. Make sure that they will be using green, eco-friendly detergents, especially if you have a lawn, garden, or other plants as landscaping features. Harsh chemical solvents can harm your grass and garden, as well as posing a health risk to kids and pets.

What Extra Cleaning Services Do You Want?
When getting an exterior cleaning, it is also a good idea to schedule a gutter cleaning and a window washing as well. A good contractor can provide these services for you using the pressure washer, but he must use the correct low-pressure settings. Industrial pressure washers used at full blast too close to windows or gutters can crack glass or bend aluminum.